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All Pet Carrier offers collection of fantastic pet carriers and other pet supplies all at one retail store. Our Internet retail store offers pet lovers across the United States a great shopping experience. Your pet is more than a loyal companion. Your pet is a fun member of your family, just like our pets are. Our goal is to treat your pet the way you treat your pet.  Our low pricing and product selection is unparalleled on the Internet. So enjoy All Pet Carrier, and even if you don't buy, we think you will have fun.

Crates and carriers are the fastest and most humane method of housetraining a dog. However, they are not comfortable and they can be unsafe.  Please DO NOT abuse the crate or carrier.   Like you, dogs do not want or deserve to be locked up all day. Once your dog is properly trained his kennel door should be left open or removed for him to come and go as he pleases. We also recommend using Plexiglas on top of the crate (but under the crate cover) to provide a table-like surface to be decorated. Crates are a dog's room, NOT their house. If you're having trouble housetraining a dog please contact us and we will be happy to find help near you.

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